Creativity with industrial logic

It is the unit dedicated to the provision of photo and 3D production services integrated with the company’s Digital Content Factory. Unique in the panorama of creative production, Hyphen-Media makes use of the experience and technologies developed by Hyphen for the optimisation of content production processes in industrial logic.

The location-agnostic model

With a view to maximum flexibility, we are able to provide total outsourcing production services, at the customer's premises or in hybrid mode.

Creative What?

Content & CreativeServices

Shooting Production

3D Production

Complete supply chain

We support the client throughout the entire production chain: from the definition of the technical and creative style guides to production, post-production and adaptation of assets.

Technical, editorial or dynamic content

The technologies and creative skills developed over the years allow us to respond to every content need: technical and editorial shots and videos, 360-degree interactive and immersive videos.

3D & CGI

From the 3D model for product development processes to the final rendering, we offer consultancy and production in the 3D and CGI fields with the aim of supporting the customer by reducing time-to-market and with optimisation of design and product development costs.



We believe that the magic of digitisation is where it can enhance physical experience with people, the product and the physical surroundings. For this reason we have developed technologies and services such as Virtual Tour, Live Shoppable Video and the integration of augmented reality with showroom and remote selling experiences.

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