The Digital Content Factory on wheels. 

Much more than a set on tyres.

The synthesis of more than 20 years of Hyphen experience in the content production and distribution process optimization, Hyphen-Truck contains a true mobile Digital Content Factory: from a multi-format shoot to the management of post-production work flow to multi-channel content distribution.

Keep on trucking

Discover Hyphen-Truck and the various uses of the service.

The best of technology
Hyphen Shooting Line (HSL)

Workstation Pro

For the management of the entire shooting process, from definition of the technical and creative guidelines, multi-set management, to real-time monitoring of work flow progress.

Hyphen LED Panels

Both sets are equipped with special Hyphen LED panels designed to guarantee total color consistency and continuity independent of the set type.

Double photographic set

HSL HILP fixed set and HSL Elements mobile panels for any content need: from the technical still-life or model photo to video, 360° interactive, to editorial. 

Ghost accessories and mannequin

The truck is also equipped with all the accessories of the HSL line, including the new HSL Ghost mannequin, optimized to reduce shooting and post-production time to a minimum.

Powered by
Chalco BrandLife

Input and output integration

The system integrates easily with any company (ERP, PLM, DAM) or third-party (E-COMM, APP) system thanks to the powerful Chalco API engine.

DAM, PIM and Work flow Management

Hyphen-Truck integrates the most complete and up-to-date version of the Chalco BrandLife engine, designed to centralized management of all the processes and resources connected with manual and automatic production and post-production of content and the information produced.

Artificial intelligence

A special AI engine integrated into the system allows real-time generation of tags, metadata and product editorial descriptions by using the images produced during the production sessions.

Multi-channel distribution

Thanks to the DAM, PIM and Chalco API engines, Hyphen-Truck is able to distribute assets and product information to any marketing, e-commerce and B2B and B2C marketing channel.

Autonomy and connectivity

Always connected

Hyphen-Truck is equipped with the most updated connectivity standards on the market: 4G, 5G, WiFi and Satellite to operate always and anywhere. 

Solar energy

6 photovoltaic panels on the roof and the powerful battery system allow Hyphen-Truck ample autonomy of service and maximum comfort inside thanks to a double air conditioning and recycling system.

All the space you need

A sophisticated system of hydraulic pistons allows the flatbed of the operations unit to expand to reach a work surface of 15m2.

For any shooting area

A special system of hydraulic jacks compensates for the slope of the ground and allows Hyphen-Truck to operate on a perfectly horizontal plane even in the most difficult conditions. 

Truck in length and in width

Ideal as an on-demand integrative module for large size Digital Content Factory systems, Hyphen-Truck has proven itself unbeatable also in autonomous management of on-site small and medium productions, drastically reducing logistics times and costs.

From the shoot of fashion samples or historic or museum archives, to jewellery and furnishings that require less movement of the product, to small food photography: the uses of Hyphen-Truck are innumerable.

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