Chalco Visual Merchandising

Definition and sharing with stores of visual guidelines and related training materials. Checking the status of fittings through approval cycles.

Chalco Trade Marketing

Management of the POS/POP material ordering process and related adaptation and customisation requests.

Chalco Media Planning

Planning and management of media campaigns from a single web platform. Optimisation of material production processes and delivery to publishers, collection of receipts and consultation of reporting dashboards.

Chalco Heritage solution

Management and sharing of historical archive products and materials through a user-friendly platform. Consultation of technical and information sheets in the repository, management of booking orders for historical brand assets.

Chalco Virtual Showroom

Creation of materials and product catalogue. Product sheets with photos and videos, including immersive ones. Shoppable videos and browsing for themes and looks. Real-time interactive sales process. Multiple list management and order collection.

Chalco Product Publishing

Management of the entire product publishing process, content adaptation and delivery to e-commerce channels and marketplaces.

Chalco Catalogue solution

Definition and sharing of product catalogues within a customisable front-end environment. User profiling for secure and differentiated access to assets and product information.

Chalco Shooting solution

Management of photographic production and related post-production flows, review and approval of 360-degree images and videos.

Chalco Marketing portal

Organisation, search and sharing of marketing and communication assets through a front-end portal. Personalised and secure use of materials and information through profiled user access.