The Digital Content Factory’s operating system

A suite of integrated solutions for the management of product and brand content

Why managing the Digital Content Factory?

The management and optimization of the Digital Content Factory represents a crucial step toward maximizing return on investment (ROI) pertaining to the production and distribution of digital contents.


Reduction of Time-to-market, workflow automation and manual activities.


Optimization of content productions and elimination of process, asset, and information duplications.


Unique point of truth of assets and information distributed through all channels to ensure product and brand consistency.


Fewer productions of physical samples, returns and merchandise movements.


Chalco Brand Life Suite combines DAM, PIM and Workflow Management on one single technological layer by adapting deftly to the requirements of differently sized businesses and integrating natively with the company’s digital ecosystem and third-party applications such as ERP, PLM, DAM, PIM and CRM.


Collaborative production of all digital contents

Centralized platform for managing all projects and fostering inter-team collaboration.

Control and monitoring of activities

Real-time dashboard for monitoring the progress of projects and internal/external team activities.

Approval flows

Management of approval flows and entry of notes on assets.

Usage and access

Consultation portal

Brand and product contents in one centralized environment accessible to all resources, subject to permission.

Advanced search

Transversal search by keyword function within the entire archive of assets and products.

Sending and sharing of materials

Download and integrated mailing of assets and product sheets, with no size restrictions.


Export and omnichannel delivery

Automatic distribution of assets and product sheets to all promotional, e-commerce and B2B and B2C marketplace channels.

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