General industry

Hyphen solutions, supporting General Industry brands, to centralize the product contents, to distribute marketing materials and make them easily customizable, allowing cost reduction in the adaptation of the materials and an increase in omni-channel coherence and consistency.

Digital Content Factory: the centralized management of digital content

_ Content Team

Content production

The solution for planning, producing and monitoring the brand and product material.

_ Content Team

Photo Shooting

Management of the entire production, post-production, review and approval of images, videos and 360° videos all within a single centralized solution.

From Hyphen Shooting Line photographic sets and accessories for the in-house production of technical, creative, video and 360° shoots to fully outsourced production and post-production services operated by the Hyphen-Media team.

_ Marketing Team


The set of solutions to support the Marketing team for the planning, adaptation and multi-country distribution of advertising, digital, trade and visual content.

_ Marketing Team

Historic archive

Centralization, booking and consultation of products and historic archive material product sheets, from a centralized software solution with configurable access profiles.

_ Sales Team

Digital Catalogue

The centralized solution available to the entire organization for the consolidation of contents and product information, the sharing and customization of catalogs.

Our case history

3D services and the Chalco Brand Life Suite are the instruments supporting Argo Tractors in the centralization of marketing and trade materials in a single repository, allowing their distribution to all resellers, guaranteeing consistency and coherence of information, assets and brand, control and reduction of customization costs, overall and logistics costs for the production of product assets.

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