Hyphen Shooting Line for every photo shoot need

HSL marries the highest quality standards with automation and allows streamlining of the photo shoot process for every industry, whether for technical or creative shots.

The HSL solutions

The set of HSL accessories allows the creation of technical and creative shoots, guaranteeing quick time-to-market. Designed for still-life shots, fashion, 360° and video. Special continuous light modules allow achievement of greater consistency and chromatic quality.

_Still life _On Model _360


Compact set, equipped with LED panel illumination system, arrangement for multiple camera shooting.

_Editorial _On Model _Motion

Elements HSL Set

Modular set, equipped with LED panel illumination system, customization of the shooting space.

_Still life _Flat

Swatches HSL Set

With anti-reflection technology, idea for shooting jewellery, material samples and fabrics.

_The operations center

Workstation HSL

Streamlines the shooting process and guides the work of the photographers by indicating shots to create and a style guide. Allows remote management of machines and photographic sets.

_Invisible Mannequin fot E-commerce

Ghost Mannequin

Modular and lightweight allowing for reduced production times. Designed and created by Hyphen, it is practically invisible in the shot, reducing post-production time.

_The Digital Content Factory on wheels


Contains a true mobile Digital Content Factory: from multi-format shots to post-production management, through the omni-channel distribution of the content.
Consultancy on the digital transformation of production processes, management and distribution of content.
Solutions software (Chalco) and photographic hardware (HSL) for the management of production workflow, usage and content distribution.
Photographic and 3D production, creative direction and content post-production.

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